Big Creek Waterfowl Club Prime Arkansas Duck & Goose Hunting
Big Creek Waterfowl Club is owned and operated by Barry Barnett. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, duck hunting the flooded backwaters of the Mississippi River and Delta in both Mississippi and Arkansas, creating a growing passion for the sport of Waterfowl Hunting.  
I have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and money investigating hunting in the mid south until I settled down years ago in the Wheatley, Arkansas migration route area for my main headquarters. I have put together thousands of acres of private, prime Duck and Goose Hunting in the Wheatley, Arkansas and Hickory Ridge migration area, just north of interstate 40, east of Brinkley, Arkansas, and about 1 hour west of Memphis, Tennessee. We offer many hunting areas consisting of pits, blinds, flooded timber, sloughs, and breaks, in rice and bean fields.

The Main Headquarters Lodge is located directly on the Big Creek Club Property and we have additional lodges in the surrounding area. You will often witness flight after flight of Ducks and Geese flying over the lodge. The Main Lodge is over 2,500 square feet, traditional in style, with hardwood floors, warm fireplace, Large screen TV with Satellite, with a complete kitchen facility, and large outside deck area for sitting (when the weather allows), lounging, and grilling. 

The lodge has multiple rooms downstairs and also offers private group lodging in a private upstairs area. Kennels for Dogs are also made available. The Main lodge has a private phone and outside long distance calls can be made with the use of a long distance calling card in our private office area. The office is also ideal for checking your voice mails, e-mails and having conference calls. Clay Pigeon target shooting is also available at the Main lodge.


Contact Big Creek Waterfowl Club Prime Arkansas Duck & Goose Hunting

Contact Big Creek Waterfowl Club Prime Arkansas Duck & Goose Hunting

Barry Barnett
Saint Francis County Road (SFC) # 919
Wheatley, Arkansas  72392
Phone: (901) 497-7381


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