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Best Tech Brands worked closely with a NASA Marshall Space Flight Center team to address stiction (static friction) and temperature extremes, with the objective of developing a new family of combustion enhancers for Auto, Diesel and Rankine cycle energy conversion devices. When dyno-tested, the developments resulting from this research conclusively demonstrated much faster heat release that improves fuel economy by 5 percent to 25 percent in cars and trucks.

Best Tech Brands has an E3 philosophy for everything we produce. We define E3 as environment, economy for everyone. Our goal is to exceed industry standards and raise the bar for others to produce more environmentally and equally consumer friendly products.

Status quo formulation doesn’t apply to Synergyn XTrA MPG products because the first three ingredients will always be safety, performance and value. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint by not adding anything to an already challenged environment. 

Our EPA test results have demonstrated emission reductions of Hydrocarbons -42.9% which contributes to the formation of ozone, Carbon Monoxide -26.3% a product of incomplete combustion a toxic gas, Carbon Dioxide -3.1% which is a green house gas and Non-Methane hydrocarbon -71.4% which play a key role in the formation of ozone.

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