Bernard B. Braun

Services Offered:
All phases of forestry and land use management from timber sale administration to the designing and implementing of tax reducing forest management plans acceptable under the NYS DEC Forest Tax Law, interpretation of aerial photos, maps, and deeds, road design and layout, Best Management Practices design, layout and installation, Certified Pesticide Applicator specializing in removing invasive species and chemical thinning, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), timber and land valuation. Coordinating permits with DEC for streams and wetland work, writing and securing grant funding for municipal and private clients, coordinating pond and wetland construction, wetland delineation, landowner assistance, professional witness in legal disputes.

Mission Statement:
Wildlife Habitat Improvement and management has always been the driving force behind my educational choices and career development. Wildlife habitat improvement is accomplished by manipulating the forest cover to provide conditions favorable for the species desired whether it be song birds or white-tailed deer. Manipulating the forest cover means cutting trees. When done properly the landowner can derive income and the many benefits associated with timber harvesting such as a useable trail system and improved growth on the remaining forest to name a few.

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Contact Bernard B. Braun

Woodland Management Services
Consultant Forester
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