Berkshire Harmony

We share a focus on farm, energy, community, soil and the safe, secure, and swift delivery of fresh & delicious produce directly from the farm to neighborhood households.

We develop and maintain the distribution channels we serve – CSA Members, Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, Emergency Food Services, Wholesale, and Charity Food Kitchens.

We advocate for the efficient, cost effective, eco-friendly systems to deliver fresh & delicious, locally grown, certified organic produce, other farm and authentic hand-crafted food artisans creations directly from the farm/producer to homes and businesses.

We deliver four season harvested Red Fire Farm CSA Shares to the Berkshire community.

We produce the Pittsfield Farmers Markets in collaboration with Pittsfield’s Downtown, Inc, a not for profit corporation.

Quality – Local – Diversity – Convenience – Community are at the center of attention for these markets.

We recognize that the sourcing, harvesting, and delivery of Energy as one of the most pressing concerns of the 21st Century for the sustainability of the planet and the survival of mankind.

So, we are forging ahead in creating a farm energy community. Farms can generate Energy in three forms: calories in produce, carbon for the soil in Biochar, and electricity from clean solar wind and PV systems.

Delivering this Energy directly to you means healthier foods, nutrient rich soils while sequestering carbon for thousands of years to mitigate the adverse affects of climate disruption, and through the grid “net metering” of electricity to CSA member households at a cost lower than “current suppliers.” More to be told about this…

There is much more to the Berkshire Harmony story that will be told as it unfolds on the Berkshire Harmony blog, and the Berkshire Harmony Facebook fan page. Be a part of it, it could be in your interest.

We are a local business with a global reach.

We strive to be community “thought leaders” for sharing a forward vision for enhancing the health and enriching the wealth of the Berkshires community.

We welcome you to be actively engaged in this process, please “like” us to make it happen for you and hopefully, to benefit your life.

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Services provided in:
  • Berkshire County, Massachusetts