Berkelhammer Tree Experts Inc

We are arborists, experts in the care of trees and shrubs, serving the Greater Boulder, CO Area. We offer tree and shrub removal and pruning as well as other services.

Berkelhammer Tree Experts began operations in 1988, with the goal of providing sound, professional arborist services to Boulder County residents and businesses. All of our foremen are experienced ISA Certified Arborists. We resolved to send only qualified arborists to our customers' properties. Today, all of our foremen are experienced ISA Certified Arborists, and adhere to the high quality, professional standards of that organization. We believe that the best indicators of professionalism in arboriculture are the trees we leave behind. We take pride in our work, and we take our work seriously.

We also are determined to communicate effectively with our customers. To this end we endeavor to assign jobs to the same arborists who estimate those jobs, thus eliminating the chance that information won't be relayed to the crew. We take the time to listen to our customers, so that we may respond to their particular concerns effectively. Occasionally, a customer will have ideas that we judge to be arboriculturally unsound. We then help find alternative solutions, and we will take the time in these instances to explain why we believe an alternative approach is preferable. We understand that your goal is to improve the health and beauty of your landscape, and that our job is to help you achieve that goal.

Finally, our goal is to work with the same trees (and customers) over time. There is nothing more rewarding to an arborist than watching a tree respond positively to professional care over the years.  Berkelhammer has shaped this tree over the years. As business people, there is nothing more gratifying than forging honest working relationships with long-term customers. An unexpected dividend provided by this line of work is that we've met many remarkable people over the years, and we hope to meet many more. 

Contact Berkelhammer Tree Experts Inc

Contact Berkelhammer Tree Experts Inc

Fred Berkelhammer
1034 LaFarge Ave
Louisville, Colorado  80027
Phone: (303) 443-1233


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