Bergen Swamp Preservation Society

The Bergen Swamp Preservation Society was established as an educational institution to hold and preserve the lands of the Bergen Swamp, as well as any other property it may acquire. Its purpose is to conserve the flora and fauna of the lands under its control and to offer to schools, colleges and other interested parties access for observation and study.

The properties of the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society constitute unique natural areas that are habitats for many rare plants and a number of rare and endangered species of animals. Two BSPS properties, Bergen Swamp and Zurich Bog are designated by the National Park Service as National Natural Landmarks.

The Society has finished a comprehensive and in-depth planning process for managing each of its properties. In order to make these areas more accessible to study groups and to the general public, boardwalks and nature trails need to be built so that the sensitive environment is protected. More land must be acquired to protect the integrity of existing holdings.

Since its beginning, the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society has acquired nearly 3,000 acres of land. All Properties have been obtained either by purchase, using money donated to the Society, or by direct donation. All of the Society funding comes from membership dues and donations, corporate gifts, and grants.

Contact Bergen Swamp Preservation Society

Contact Bergen Swamp Preservation Society

Patti Coan
PO Box 460
Bergen, New York  14416
Phone: (585) 548-7304


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