Benton J Gann
Southern Forestry and Wildlife, LLC is a small people-based company that strives to manage clients’ properties with the best management activities to meet their objectives.  Their management capabilities range from intensive loblolly pine plantation management to recreational timberland for wildlife purposes. 

Many people invest money in timber instead of Bank CDs or Mutual Funds.  Southern Forestry and Wildlife, LLC is here to manage these accounts to ensure a maximum return on one’s investment.  Today’s investment models show that intensive Loblolly Pine Plantations can return over 10% compounded annually over a 25-year period.  However, one might not want to wait 25-years to capitalize on an investment.  Uneven aged timber management is another management technique we use to manage timberlands.  In uneven aged, we selectively remove trees from a stand to maintain a reverse J-shape age distribution every 5 to 10 years.  The investment returns for uneven age management are lower than intensive plantation management; however the advantage for uneven aged management is the continuous income every 5 to 10 year.

We also consult on duck and deer habitat management.

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Contact Benton J Gann

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