Benewah County Farm Bureau


Mission Statement:

Benewah County Farm Bureau is a local grassroots organization consisting of a diverse membership that seeks to advocate responsible, productive, and sustainable agriculture with community education, political involvement, and a commitment to future generations.

We meet monthly to plan, discuss, and implement activities and action according to our mission statement. We believe farming is the back bone of our country and vitally important to our country’s prosperity. In order for the country to prosper, citizens need to be active. Our community activities include organizing legislative report backs, town hall meetings, and forums. We also participate in local events such as the Benewah County Fair. By action alerts and a local newsletter we try to let our members know what is going on in our legislation. Since Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, we also work on resolutions that are then passed to the regional voting delegation, then to the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, and then some will go on to the American Farm Bureau Federation voting delegation. This is where even the smallest counties can affect and play a part in the larger organization of our Idaho Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau. Our resolutions can become part of Farm Bureau policy and affect our legislature in favor of farmers. 

Contact Benewah County Farm Bureau

Contact Benewah County Farm Bureau

Susie Patterson
412 Main Ave.
St Maries, Idaho  83861-2059
Phone: (208) 245-5568
Fax: (208) 245-5569


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