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Belles Tree Service customers, such as local colleges, hospitals and school districts, have a lot of vehicular and foot traffic and storm aftermath becomes a safety issue, so he concentrates his efforts in places like that until the area is restored.

In addition to tree maintenance and removal, much of his business comes in the form of plant health care, which includes shrubbery trimming, fertilizing and other care for established landscapes. He does not get into landscaping of new homes, which he describes as another business area all its own.

The bulk of Belles Tree Service’s business comes from referrals and he has had to do very little active marketing outside of yellow-page advertising and an occasional bulk-mailing piece. Belles does his own solicitation of large accounts for new businesses and he provides on-the-scene customer contact when his crews run into problems that were not foreseen.

Tree service is a capital intensive business. Belles Tree Service has a present fleet of 10 vehicles – which includes bucket trucks, two chipper trucks, three stump grinders, two dump trucks and a tree spraying unit.

The company has reached a good, stable, sustainable business level and Belles says he does not have aspirations of becoming a large company.

Contact Belles Tree Service

Contact Belles Tree Service

Craig M. Belles
ISA Certified Arborist
1205 E. Emmaus Ave.
Allentown, Pennsylvania  18103
Phone: (610) 434-8118
Cell Phone: (610) 868-1600
Fax: (610) 791-3268


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Services provided in:
  • Lehigh County, Pennsylvania