Beaver Dam Hiking Trail

This trail is a little over two miles round trip and is one of the there and back type of trail, not a loop trail like the Woodpecker Trail. The trail entrance is adjacent to the Bluff Lake levee near the spillway and is marked with a large sign. It is a bottomland hardwood forest trail and offers a good opportunity for the hiker to view various species of wildlife such as great blue herons, waterfowl, and even white-tailed deer. 

This trail is fairly level, except for the entrance where it leaves the levee. There are a couple of side trails off of the main trail which go over to the adjacent Oktoc Creek. At the beginning of the trail, in a bayou-like area, the visitor can expect to see several wood duck nest boxes. A short distance from the trail are some large bald cypress trees. Do not be surprised if you can not locate a beaver dam, for this trail's namesake disappeared long ago, although beaver are still common.

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Contact Beaver Dam Hiking Trail

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