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The Barron County UW-Extension Office is often looked to by landlords, tenants, and ag professionals for advice and information about land rental rates. To get more accurate cash rent data for Barron County, the Barron County UW-Extension Office conducts a cash rent survey each year. Results of the 2008 survey indicate that the average cash rental rates for cropland in Barron county increased $44 per acre in 2007 to $50 per acre in 2008.

The survey indicated that cropland rent in Almena, Barron, Clinton, and Stanfold townships tended to be higher than the county average during 2008. Cash rents were generally below the county average in Arland, Prairie Farm, Stanley, and Vance Creek townships.

Nearly 300 responses were received for the 2008 farmland rent survey. The survey indicates trends or the "going rate" for land rent and is not meant to establish, determine, or set rental rates. These survey results should be used only as a guideline when discussing land rental rates. Actual cash rental rates should be based on projected returns, soil quality, previous cropping history and herbicide applications, and the working relationship between landlord and tenant.


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Contact Barron County Extension

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