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Renewable Energy

ARM provides engineering and consulting services primarily to commercial, industrial, and municipal clients that are interested in developing energy resources to power their own facilities or for sale.

ARM is contributing to the goal of achieving energy independence by helping its clients evaluate and develop their renewable energy resources in the following areas:
Wind Energy Assessment & Development:

With federal tax credits in place now is an opportune time to meet rising energy demands by evaluating the potential for wind energy production at your site. ARM can coordinate all aspects of wind energy development beginning with a preliminary feasibility assessment and culminating with completed installed capacity. ARM’s services include:

    Initial Project Feasibility Evaluation
    Economic and Financial Viability Analysis
    Wind Resource Assessment
    Land Development Planning, Zoning Approval, and Permitting
    Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Assessments
    Public Inquiry Coordination and Outreach and Liaison with Planning Officials
    GIS Mapping and Visualizations
    Wind Turbine Layout Design and Optimization
    Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Micro-siting Evaluation
    Geotechnical Investigation and Recommendations
    Project Management
     Grid Interconnection Assessments and Electrical Engineering

Wind Energy Advisory Services:

Commercially viable wind energy sites are a valuable natural resource. ARM ‘s engineers and scientists can assist the owners of potentially suitable wind energy properties in the following ways:

    Evaluating the viability of their properties for commercial or utility scale wind energy projects
    Assessing the potential total development value of these properties
    Advising owners about how to structure agreements to maximize the total development value of each property

Solar Energy Services:

Demand for solar energy is rising as many states add solar power to their renewable/alternative energy portfolio standards. ARM’s consultants and engineers can aid the process of  adding solar energy production capacity to a variety of sites. We offer a comprehensive project management approach, bringing together a team of expert professionals capable of ensuring the successful development and realization of solar energy projects. ARM can provide specialized consulting or full project management services throughout the development period of a solar energy project. ARM’s services include:

    Solar Power Feasibility Studies
    Site Selection and Array Configuration Optimization
    Environmental Impact Assessments
    Conceptual/Final Layout and Design
    Electrical Engineering and Interconnection Evaluation and Approval
    Preparation of Contract Documents
    Construction Quality Assurance

Geothermal HVAC System Development:

Use of geothermal energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions by using the naturally occurring heat source of the earth. Geothermal heating/cooling systems are integral elements of many “greener” building projects. To efficiently design and optimize a geothermal heating/cooling system, strategically located groundwater wells and  geothermal conductivity tests are imperative. ARM’s experienced hydrogeologists and engineers complete geothermal conductivity tests by locating and installing test wells and completing conductivity testing per industry accepted practices. ARM’s hydrogeologists provide added value to the well siting and selection process by using fracture trace analysis and geophysics to identify the subsurface regions with the greatest thermal and hydraulic conductivity potential prior to drilling. This process typically results in lower capital costs for geothermal systems because a more thermally conductive well means fewer wells are necessary to achieve the required capacity of the system.

Landfill Gas To Energy Production:

ARM engineers have extensive experience in landfill gas management, design, conveyance, and utilization. Our personnel have provided design and construction-phase related services for numerous landfill gas to energy projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. ARM’s landfill gas utilization services specialize in providing the following:

    Quantification & GHG reduction verifications as a CCX Approved Verifier
    Landfill Gas Generation Assessment
    Engineering Design Services
    Permit Application Preparation
    Preparation of Construction Drawings and Specifications
    CQA and Construction Certification Services


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Contact ARM Energy Solutions

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