Arkansas Poultry Litter Cost Share Program

This program provides financial incentives to encourage the removal of excess poultry litter from Arkansas's Nutrient Surplus Areas.

What is a Nutrient Surplus Area?
 A Nutrient Surplus Area (NSA) is an area that has been designated by the Arkansas General Assembly as having such high concentrations of one or more nutrients that continued unrestricted application of the nutrient could negatively impact soil fertility and waters of the state.

How do I know if my area is within a Nutrient Surplus Area?
This map depicts the areas declared by the General Assembly to be NSAs. You may also view a textual description at Ark. Code Ann. § 15-20-1104.

How does this program affect me?
If you purchase litter from a poultry feeding operation in a NSA and transport the litter outside the NSA, you may be eligible to receive cost share money under this program.

What is the financial incentive?
Persons who transport litter and meet program conditions will earn $0.05 per ton for every mile the litter is transported so long as cost share money is available.

How long will the incentive be available?
The incentive will be available until the monies appropriated by the General Assembly for this program are used up. To ensure that no one relies upon money that is no longer available, all applicants must be approved prior to the purchase and transportation of litter.

Contact Arkansas Poultry Litter Cost Share Program

Contact Arkansas Poultry Litter Cost Share Program

Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
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