Arkansas Partners Project

The objective of the program is to help ducks and other waterbirds return north to their breeding areas physically conditioned for maximum reproductive success. The program offers assistance to private landowners interested in restoring wetlands and managing existing wetlands, idle areas, and agricultural fields after harvest as shallow wetland habitat. These flooded areas provide valuable forage that birds need to meet their daily energy requirements.
The Arkansas Partners Project provides assistance with wetland restoration, development, and management. Trained biologists provide private landowners and managers with:

  • Technical assistance including evaluation of habitat development potential, restoration and management recommendations, and a water management plan, if needed.
  • Water control structures fabricated from used steel pipe and fitted with flashboard risers.

Cooperators must sign a Wetland Development Agreement that:

  • Has a minimum term of 15 years
  • Limits duck hunting to half-days only
  • Requires that crop fields be rolled, not disked or burned, and managed to hold water
  • Requires structures to be closed and fields kept flooded through February
  • Cooperators maintain water control structures for the life of the agreement
  • Permits annual inspection by waterfowl biologist

Contact Arkansas Partners Project

Contact Arkansas Partners Project

Bill Noble
Project Biologist
4511 East 43rd St.
North Little Rock, Arkansas  72117
Phone: (501) 955-9264


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Statewide Program in:
  • Arkansas