Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts

Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of The Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts is to assist the conservation districts of the state of Arkansas in their efforts to serve the soil and water conservation needs of the people of Arkansas.

What is a Conservation District?

Conservation districts are political subdivisions of the State of Arkansas. They are a creation of popular vote of resident landowners for the purpose of conserving our land and water resources as authorized by Act No. 197 of the Arkansas General Assembly of 1937; the Nation's first conservation district law. Each Conservation District in Arkansas serves one county, for a total of 75 districts. Use this map to find your local county conservation district.

Conservation districts are local governments at work and their specific responsibility is management of our soil and water resources. The idea behind their formation is to keep decision making on soil and water conservation matters at the local level. Each district is governed by a board of five directors who serve without pay. Two directors are appointed by the Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation and three are elected by resident landowners.

Rental Equipment: Districts have available for rent to the public; No-till drill, pasture sprayers and renovators, aerators, Bermuda planters, litter spreader, feed bunks, spring and freeze proof watering tanks, electric fencing kit. Districts also sell Topo Maps, Plat Books, flagging stakes and tape.

Tax Incentives: The purpose of this program is to encourage water users to invest in (1) the construction of impoundments to use available surface water, thereby reducing their dependence on ground water; (2) the conversion from ground water use to surface water use; and (3) land leveling to reduce agricultural irrigation water use. Tax credits may pass through partnerships, corporations, etc.

An application must be approved by your county conservation district, then submitted to the Commission and approved before a taxpayer may begin construction of a project and claim credits. All projects must be maintained for a minimum of 10 years following issuance of the Certificate of Completion, or benefits will be subject to recapture. An application fee of three percent of the total approved tax credit must be paid, and there is a minimum fee of $100 and a maximum fee of $1,500. 

Contact Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts

Contact Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts

Debbie Moreland
Program Administrator
101 East Capitol
Suite 350
Little Rock, Arkansas  72201-3813
Phone: (501) 682-2915
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Services provided in:
  • Pulaski County, Arkansas

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