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No two properties are identical. Each has unique features that when fully understood provide opportunities for effective long-term stewardship and management.

Inventorying a property's natural resources identifies the benefits and limitations for a variety of land uses. From forest products to development siting, economies are maximized by doing what is best for the land.

For private land owners, there are multiple tax benefits as well. And land use that conserves natural functions and resources provides for future generations.

EECOS has the expertise to make land a performing asset. Since the relationships and interactions affecting land-use decisions are complex, EECOS uses a holistic approach. Working with detailed scientific field data and assembled information, we study the direct and indirect impacts on water, geology, soils, wetlands, plants, and wildlife.


Land Use Feasibility/Planning Studies

Ecological Analysis

Ecological Open Space Management


Estate Planning Services

Phase I/II/III Assessments for Transfer of Industrial Sites

Environmental Impact Assessments


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Contact Anthony Irving

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