Ann Wiley
The Geological and Engineering Division (G&E) provides the State Mineral Board with expertise, advice and recommendations in the fields of geology, geophysics and engineering, by compiling, maintaining and analyzing varied scientific data to determine the most advantageous minerals exploration, development and production on state-owned lands and water bottoms.

The Tract Evaluation and Lease Development Section is divided into geographic Districts 1 East, 1 West, 2 and 3, each staffed by geologists who are responsible for monitoring all oil and gas related activities in their assigned area.

Section geologists evaluate and compile leasing and geological data pertinent to tracts nominated for state mineral lease sale, attend lease sales, and advise the State Mineral Board as to bids most advantageous to the state.

This Section is responsible for monitoring and reviewing all existing state leases to insure that the lessee is prudently maintaining and developing the state lease. Geologists monitor adjacent drilling activity (including the 8(g) offshore area) to ensure that offset activity does not drain reserves from state property. They represent the state as landowner in Office of Conservation forced pooling and unitization proceedings, evaluate requests for voluntary unitization and review State Mineral Board docket items and partial releases, working to ensure fair state participation in producing units.

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