Andrea Laliberte

Andrea Laliberte is a remote sensing scientist and owner of Earthmetrics, a geospatial consulting company located in Oregon. She has a BS in natural resource sciences from the University College of the Cariboo in British Columbia, a MS in rangeland resources and a PhD in forest resources from Oregon State University. Until 2011, Andrea was a remote sensing scientist with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service’s Jornada Experimental Range in New Mexico, where her research focused on focused on developing remote sensing techniques for assessing arid land degradation using very high resolution imagery and object-based image analysis.

Andrea has over 15 years of experience in GIS, image processing, Photogrammetry, and geospatial analysis for natural resource applications. As a small landowner herself, Andrea is especially interested in helping other small landowners use geospatial tools to obtain detailed information about their property.   

Services offered:
-          GIS/Mapping/Geospatial Analysis
-          Remote sensing, image processing, specializing in object-based image analysis
-          Landowner mapping services
-          GIS courses and workshops for small landowners

Contact Andrea Laliberte

Contact Andrea Laliberte

Remote Sensing Scientist
35553 Oak View Dr.
Brownsville, Oregon  97327
Phone: 575-635-7357


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