Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District

The mission of Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District is to utilize and protect its historic right to water, and to operate and improve the works essential for dependable conveyance of such water to its users.

Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District (ACID or District) diverts water from the Sacramento River in Redding, California, primarily from a gravity diversion in the river at the seasonal ACID Diversion Dam in Redding. In addition, the District operates a pump station on the river approximately 4 miles downstream to supply a lateral canal. ACID’s distribution system includes approximately 35 miles of Main Canal, about 98 percent of which is unlined. The Main Canal flows through six inverted siphons to cross streams, such as Clear Creek, and three flume sections across smaller streams and lowland areas. When flow exceeds the canal capacity, District water overflows into several wasteways along the canal route .

ACID holds a water right, under pre-1914 postings, to divert water from the natural flow of the Sacramento River. The ACID surface water supply entitlement provides for a maximum total of 125,000 ac-ft/yr during the period April 1 through October 31 of each year. 121,000 ac-ft is considered to be Base Supply and 4,000 ac-ft is Central Valley Project Supply. During dry years this supply may be significantly less.

Contact Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District

Contact Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District

Stan Wangberg
General Manager
2810 Silver Street
Anderson, California  96007
Phone: 530-365-7329


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