Alpine Watershed Group

What's a Watershed Group?

A watershed group is a locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory group established to assess the condition of the watershed and build a work plan to implement restoration and protection activities within the watershed.

Healthy Watersheds Help Create Healthy Communities

A healthy watershed helps filter sediment and pollutants while supporting the many living organisms that depend on the eco-system. Healthy watersheds improve the economy and help provide resources for everyone to use and enjoy. The Alpine Watershed Group is committed to providing healthy watersheds for future and current generations.

Current Programs

  • Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring and Bioassesment
  • Markleeville Creek Day
  • Streambank Restoration
  • Markleeville Guard Station Restoration
  • Erosion Control Best Management Practices
  • Monthly Informational Forums

Mission Statement

The Alpine Watershed Group works to preserve and enhance the natural system functions of Alpine County's watersheds for future generations. The group works by inspiring participation to collaborate, educate, and proactively implement projects that benefit and steward the county's watersheds.

Contact Alpine Watershed Group

Contact Alpine Watershed Group

Sarah Green
Alpine Watershed Coordinator
270 Laramie St.
Markleeville, California  96120
Phone: 530-694-2327


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Alpine County, California