Agricultural Security Areas (ASA)

This program was signed into law on February 15, 2005, and became effective on May 18, 2005. It authorizes one or more landowners of at least 500 acres of contiguous farmland to request from the boards of township trustees and county commissioners to enroll into an Agricultural Security Area for a 10-year period.

ASAs provide certain benefits to farmers, including protecting against non-farm development, assembling a critical mass of land to help keep farming viable, and providing a new local tax benefit for investment in new agricultural real property. They are not designed to stop development, but to protect farmland by creating special areas where agriculture is encouraged and protected.

During the 10-year enrollment period only agricultural activity as defined by Section 5713.30 of the Ohio Revised Code is permitted. However, a farmer may request a non farm development activity be undertaken and local governments may approve such activity, but only if the local governments determine that such activity would not impair the ability to farm and the land must remain enrolled in Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV), with one exception. The exception is that one residence per 40 acres is permitted for the landowner’s relatives.

ASAs are a partnership between the farmland owner and the local elected officials. The local governments commit not to initiate, approve, or finance any non farm development activity, such as extending water and sewer lines, building new roads, housing subdivisions, commercial or industrial facilities, etc., within the ASA during the 10-year term. Likewise, landowners commit not to undertake any non-agricultural development on their farmland.

In addition to being protected from incompatible development and receiving the benefits of CAUV and Agricultural District enrollments, farmers may receive, at the discretion of the township trustees and the county
commissioners, a real property tax exemption on new or expanded farm buildings. A minimum investment of $25,000 is required and local officials may establish a maximum investment cap. The tax exemption would be up to 75% and up to 10 years.

To be eligible, a farmland owner must be enrolled in the CAUV tax program and enrolled in an Agricultural District; must be utilizing “best management practices;” and must not have any civil or criminal actions in violation of Ohio or U.S. environmental law in the 10 years immediately preceding the date of application. 

Eligible farmers, who either individually or collectively own 500 or more contiguous acres of farmland, would submit an application requesting a resolution of support from both the township trustees and county
commissioners to form an ASA for 10 years. The trustees or commissioners may hold separate or joint public hearings prior to approving or rejecting an ASA application.

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Completed applications, after approved by the local governing bodies, must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Agriculture Office of Farmland Preservation at 8995 East Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, 43068.  Download the application here:


Contact Agricultural Security Areas (ASA)

Contact Agricultural Security Areas (ASA)

Kaleigh Frazier
Office of Farmland Preservation Ohio Department of Agriculture
8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, Ohio  43068
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