Agricultural Loan Program

To provide low-interest loans to Illinois farmers who may need assistance with operating expenses or wish to make improvements to their farming techniques to increase productivity or conserve soil and water resources.

Loans are available to farmers statewide through over 1,000 financial institutions. Agricultural Loan Program funds may be used for the following expenditures: seed, fertilizer, chemicals, cash rent, crop insurance, purchase of livestock, purchase of feed, production related energy and labor expenses, soil and water conservation practices and new and used farm equipment, including conservation implements.

Agricultural Loan Program rates are established daily by the Treasurer's Office, for collateralized time deposit loans. Agricultural lenders may charge borrowers up to 4 percent more than the interest set for the time deposit funds provided by the Treasurer's Office.

Lending institutions obtaining state deposits at the reduced agricultural rate shall limit the amount lent to any single borrower to 50 percent of the borrower's operating capitol. This lending cap does not apply to the purchase of livestock not held for resale or for the purchase of used or new farm equipment.

The program is available to all Illinois farmers. Application must be made through a financial institution participating in the Agricultural Loan Program. Loans for the purchase of new or used equipment; may only be for equipment made by companies based in the U.S.

Download the application form here. (PDF)

Contact Agricultural Loan Program

Contact Agricultural Loan Program

Alexi Giannoulias
Office of State Treasurer
300 West Jefferson
Springfield, Illinois  62702
Phone: (217) 782-2072
Fax: (217) 522-1217


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