Adams Cooperative Weed Management Area

The Adams Cooperative Weed Management Area encompasses all of Adams County in west central Idaho, including the upper Weiser River, its tributaries, Rapid River and upper Little Salmon River watersheds. The western boundary is the Snake River.

The Adams CWMA formed in 2001 as a means to bring together private landowners and others responsible for and interested in weed management in Adams County. The group developed common goals and priorities and sought to share resources and find funding to combat the spread of noxious and invasive weeds. A strategic plan was developed that included a prioritized list of known noxious weeds and new invaders. This strategic plan was updated in 2005 and in 2007.

The Adams CWMA goals are to prevent introduction, reproduction and spread of noxious and invasive weeds, to reduce established infestations, to inform the public about the harm exotic weeds cause and to implement an integrated weed management system. The group supports and works closely with the county weed department and helps obtain the tools, equipment and personnel necessary for an effective program.

There are twenty-four (24) listed species of noxious weeds within the Adams CWMA using the revised 2007 Idaho Weed List. Our number one priority weeds are Mediterranean sage, Hoary alyssum, Orange hawkweed, Dyers woad, Hoary cress, Perennial pepperweed, Yellow starthistle, Diffuse knapweed, Spotted knapweed and Leafy spurge. These weeds are the main focus of our
group activities each year. The group has also focused on providing information about new invaders and other weeds of concern within the CWMA boundaries.


Contact Adams Cooperative Weed Management Area

Contact Adams Cooperative Weed Management Area

Dave Herold
Adams County Weed Superintendent
P.O. Box 358
Council, Idaho  83612
Phone: (208) 253-4669
Cell Phone: (208) 741-0449
Fax: (208) 253-2501


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