Acquisition of Conservation Easements

The acquisition of conservation easements program was designed to provide a financially attractive way for lower income landowners to protect family farms in Albemarle County and their unique open space resources. It represents an opportunity for landowners to voluntarily sell a conservation easement to a public agency to be held in trust for perpetuity. In turn, the agency will pay the landowner the difference between the value of the property prior to the easement and the value of the property after the easement. The difference in value reflects the land's value as protected open space (such as farmland, forestland or rural use) versus the "highest and best" use (often residential development).

Any landowner in Albemarle County whose land should remain in open-space according to the Comprehensive Plan. The County is not legally obligated to accept an offer to purchase a conservation easement nor is the landowner legally obligated to accept the County's offer to purchase. The Board of Supervisors makes the final determination to accept each proposal to purchase made by a landowner, provided the individual purchase reflects the goals of the current Comprehensive Plan.

Contact Acquisition of Conservation Easements

Contact Acquisition of Conservation Easements

Ches Goodall
ACE Coordinator
401 McIntire Road
North Wing
Charlottesville, Virginia  22902
Phone: 434-296-5832
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