Access and Habitat Program

To qualify for A&H funding, a project must improve wildlife habitat, increase public hunting access to private land or solve a wildlife damage issue. Some examples of projects that have been approved and implemented to date include development of wetland habitat, noxious weed control, improving wildlife forage on private lands, developing water in arid regions, riparian fencing, seeding after wildfire, hunting leases, land acquisition, seasonal road management and hunter access through private lands to inaccessible public lands. Projects may be on private or public lands, through preference is given to projects on private lands.

Proposal Review Process

Access & Habitat project applications (or project proposals) are submitted by individual landowners, groups of landowners, conservation organizations, and government agencies. Applications are reviewed by one of the six Regional Advisory Councils, depending on the location of the project. The Regional Council may approve the project as it is proposed, approved a modified version of the proposal, or deny A&H project funding for the project. Unless the project applicant withdraws the project application, all proposals (approved or denied) are then forwarded to the State Board for consideration. The Council’s review comments highlighting project strengths and project concerns are also forwarded to the Board. The Board may approve the project as it is proposed, approve a modified version of the project, or deny project funding. Those projects recommended for funding by the Board are presented to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission for final consideration. The Commission may approve, modify, or deny any or all of the A&H Board’s funding recommendations. Commission, board and council meetings are public meetings and applicants are welcome to attend.

Grant Funding

Once approved by the Commission, a grant agreement is developed between ODFW and the project applicant. The grant agreement is the mechanism that facilitates transfer of Access & Habitat Program funds or goods or services between the Department and the applicant. It outlines the conditions, timelines, and payment schedule of the grant. Attached to the Grant Agreement are a Request for Fund Release Form, the project Statement of Work, a Project Completion Report Form, and a copy of the original project application.

Filling Out Your Application

Before filling out an Access & Habitat grant application, project applicants are asked to contact the ODFW Regional Coordinator in the vicinity of the proposed project. The Regional Coordinator will give applicants advice on planning their projects and help maximize their chance of being awarded a grant. Completed applications should be submitted to the Regional Coordinator.

Contact Access and Habitat Program

Contact Access and Habitat Program

Matthew Keenan
Access and Habitat State Coordinator
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