Aaron Cotton Company Museum

The Cotton Museum welcomes you to a time when Clarksdale was known as the "Golden buckle of the Cotton Belt".  The museum contains an impressive collection of antique farming tools and rare photographs from years ago.  Also available are t-shirts, posters  and cotton merchandise; plus CDs and a large collection of vinyl records. This museum displays how the history of the blues is so tightly connected to the history of cotton.  Visiting the museum is like taking a step back into that past.  Aaron has preserved all of the former cotton company"s old equipment, furniture and appliances. The museum is set up like a cotton office 50 to 100 years ago including everything from tables to lights and heaters. There is also a wide selection of cotton itself, with Aaron able to demonstrate to visitors the various grades and qualities of the crop.  Visitors can buy cotton or even seeds to plant their own little crop. The museum is open by appointment and during Juke Joint Blues Festival in Clarksdale.


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311 Delta Avenue
Clarksdale, Mississippi  38614
Phone: (662) 902-9069


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