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Woodlands Carbon provides forest carbon offsets from family-owned woodlands certified through the American Tree Farm System in the Pacific Northwest. These offsets are backed by the landowner’s commitment to long-term sustainable management practices and validated through a third-party verification firm.
Our family woodland owners agree to:

  • Set clear management objectives.
  • Survey forest condition and health.
  • Inventory soil and water resources.
  • Manage pest & invasive species.
  • Protect threatened and endangered species.

In return, the price of offsets helps pay the cost of management of our participating woodlands – and all the ecological benefits that derive from a healthy forest. Buying carbon offsets through Woodlands Carbon does more than offset your carbon footprint. It supports family-owned working forests, ensuring they remain forestland.

Woodlands Carbon was established in 2008 in partnership with the American Forest Foundation, with the goal of providing family woodlands owners access to carbon markets. Woodlands Carbon is a subsidiary of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and works closely with Oregon State University Extension Service to promote offset opportunities and educate landowners about carbon sequestration. We also work with researchers at Oregon State University to calculate carbon offsets from landowner’s management activities.
Enrolling landowner acreage as a “block” allows us to make available several thousand tons of carbon offsets to businesses for purchase.
Our primary mission is to maximize landowner returns and provide businesses with quantifiable carbon offset opportunities. Our goal is to return 70% of carbon sales revenue to participating landowners. The economic incentive of payment for carbon sequestration can reduce the pressure to convert these woodlands to other uses. The revenue helps family woodland owners keep these forests as forests.

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Contact Woodlands Carbon

Contact Woodlands Carbon

Mike Barnes
Program Manager
187 High Street NE
Suite 208
Salem, Oregon  97301
Phone: (503) 588-1813


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