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The mission of the CCSP is to evaluate profitable crop rotations and crop management strategies that are uniquely adapted to the climate in the project area. These strategies will strive to protect the natural resources of southeast North Dakota and northeast South Dakota though demonstration, research and education.

The Conservation Cropping Systems Project (CCSP) was initiated in the fall of 2001, on a 160-acre tract of farm land, located two miles south of Forman, ND along highway 32. A ten member Board of Directors composed of local producers in Northeastern South Dakota and Southeastern North Dakota advises the CCSP staff. Professionals from ag research, as well as natural resources conservation agencies and non-profit interest groups, assist the Board with technical advice and support.

Diverse crops are grown in no-till rotations that range from 2 to 6 years. Rotations are studied to compare their effect on water and wind erosion, soil tilth, soil moisture retention, organic matter changes, infiltration and most importantly, profitability. Each crop in each rotation is grown each year and replicated three times. This Project has a planned duration of at least 12 years. The goal is for this Project to go on indefinitely.

This project provides producers with data that allows them to qualify and quantify the advantages and disadvantages of a wide range of no-till crop rotations. The effective use of crop rotations to break weed and insect cycles in no-till is demonstrated. The placement and appropriate timing of legumes in rotations results in reduced dependence on fertilizer N. The ability to more efficiently cycle plant nutrients in diverse no-till rotations reduces nutrient runoff into surface and ground waters. This project demonstrates how agriculture can produce food and fiber in an environmentally favorable manner, preserving and enhancing wildlife habitat, while providing producers with a good economic returns. 

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Contact Wild Rice SCD

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