Water Education for Teachers in the City

Wet in the City is a national urban environmental education program of the Council for Environmental Education (CEE) that focuses on urban water issues.

provides educator training
distributes K-12 curriculum
promotes water stewardship
establishes city-wide networks
encourages interdisciplinary learning
fosters problem-solving & critical-thinking skills

In our lifetime, more than 90 percent of the U.S. population will live in urban areas. Urban youth are increasingly disconnected from outdoor pursuits and the natural world. Complex environmental issues, many of which involve water resources, abound in urban settings. Environmental health issues will continue to be of major concern to city dwellers and others in the years to come. Yet, for a variety of reasons, urban educators and urban youth have long been an underserved audience for natural resource education efforts. In partnership with our sponsors and community supporters, CEE seeks to help close the urban environmental education gap, while preparing learners for water related issues that will confront us in the 21st century.

Water Education for Teachers (WET) in the City engages K-12 youth in hands-on activities that creatively explore the science of water, its cultural context, and complex issues surrounding its management and stewardship. The program is delivered at the local level, city by city, and targets urban educators with relevant, localized water education through a network of city partners.

Team WET Schools is a companion program to WET in the City, bringing urban water issues to the forefront of environmental education in school buildings. A network of community and corporate partners grows around each Team WET School supporting teachers to advance water education while encouraging students to participate in active water stewardship and community improvement.

Contact Water Education for Teachers in the City

Contact Water Education for Teachers in the City

Josetta Hawthorne
Executive Director
5555 Morningside, Suite 212
Houston, Texas  77005
Phone: 713.520.1936
Fax: 713.520.8008


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