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Historically, the major concern of all farmers was the loss of top soil. Here in Wasco County, steep slopes are especially vulnerable to run off. This is particularly worrisome as most cropland in the county are bounded by an abundance of interconnecting draws and canyons that eventually drain into tributaries to major creeks and streams that are home to sensitive fish species.

Through no-till/direct seed practices, installation of riparian buffers, watershed treatments, stream bank stabilization projects, grazing management practices, as well as a plethora of other practices, Wasco County has seen a steep decline in cropland erosion and thus significant improvement in water quality.

The district is beholden to the progressive farmers, orchardists, and ranchers within the district for their readiness to address resource concerns on their land. 

Wasco County SWCD is a local governmental organization, also known as a “Special District.” We are also non-regulatory. This means we neither regulate nor make laws. What we do is to help people comply with existing environmental laws created through state and federal legislative action and by state and federal agencies with oversight over particular areas—such as EPA and DEQ.

Because we have county in our name people often think we are part of the county structure. When in reality it is merely to recognize that our district boundaries are that of the county.

We are not just another “Government Agency”
We are not government.  We are local people helping local people. District Directors and staff have roots that run deep in Wasco County.  They care about what happens to the land and the people. They do everything they can to help people abide by laws and regulations formulated by legislative and regulatory agencies. The District is a good first stop for natural resource issues. We can help solve problems before they become regulatory issues.

Contact Wasco County SWCD

Contact Wasco County SWCD

Ron Graves
District Manager
2325 River Road
Suite 3
The Dalles, Oregon  97058-3582
Phone: 541 296-6178 ext. 114
Fax: (541) 296-7868


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