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Tony Harvish is Timbervest's Regional Forester for the Northeast.

The forests of the Northeast Region are extremely diverse with more than 20 species of trees found here.  They are also within a four to eight hour drive of the largest population centers in the United States which brings additional issues into the forest management planning.  Hardwood and softwood trees are present and generate many products from toothpicks and tongue depressors to high valued cherry furniture, maple bowling alleys, and flooring for upscale homes.

Northeastern forests are generally regenerated from natural seeding rather than planting, and our forest management activities are geared toward fostering this regeneration with intermediate treatments to promote optimum growth on the desired species. These are called silvicultural treatments.  Occasionally, planting does occur to meet some regeneration objectives.

Timber is sold to mills or to logging contractors in medium size timber sales on either a bid or pay as cut basis.  Due to the high value of the species such as black cherry, sugar maple, red oak, and white pine, the timber to be sold is generally marked with paint to identify the trees to harvest (or in some cases, to leave) by our consulting foresters under the supervision of our regional forester. They are also measured to determine the volume/value expectation from the sale.  

Timbervest foresters and consultants always manage our forests to the highest standards of sustainable forestry and best management practices in the forests under our control.

In the Northeast, we are members of professional forestry organizations and state forestry groups that promote sustainable forestry among many stakeholders.

Contact Tony Harvish

Contact Tony Harvish

Regional Forester, Northeast
16 Maple Street
2nd Floor, Suite 3
Glens Falls, New York  12801
Phone: 518-586-1253


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