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Owners Marilyn and Bob Neal and the crews who have worked here over the years built The Turkey Farm into Maine's largest Turkey farm. In 2012, The Turkey Farm entered its 27th year. Also in 2012, Marilyn
entered her 70th year and Bob entered his 73rd year. Age and health have forced us to reduce the scale of the farm.

Our farm has thrived on repeat business. We have nearly 100 sharers in Community Agriculture and we sell at farmers markets in Brunswick (year-round) and South Portland (May-October). At Thanksgiving, more
than 80 percent of our customers return each year. We believe they come back because of the taste and texture of our Turkeys.  And, while we have scaled back, the taste and texture of our Turkeys will not change because our philosophy of farming has not changed.

Our 60 acres have about seven acres of fenced range, and we rotate ranges so that none is occupied by Turkeys for more than 24 months in 60. For parts of every season, each range lies fallow so the perennial grasses and other growth can rejuvenate after Turkeys have been on the range. We try to populate the ranges at no more than 300 adult Turkeys per acre, about 150 square feet per bird.

The litter from the farm's brooderhouse, where Turkeys spend their first few weeks until their feathers have grown in to insulate them from the weather, is composted and spread on the family's garden and  sold to other gardeners.

From 2001 to 2011, we used only feed that had been certified to be free of genetically engineered grains. To our knowledge, no other farm in New England has taken this step. Late in 2011, though, the Canadian government closed the mill producing our feed, and we lost our gmo-free supply. We are looking for a new source now and have feelers out to sources in Iowa, Vermont and Quebec.

For the future, our business is limited to retail sales here at the farm and at the farmers markets in Brunswick and South Portland and to a bit of wholesaling

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Contact The Turkey Farm

Bob Neal
209 Mile Hill Rd
New Sharon, Maine  04955
Phone: 207-778-2889


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