The Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center (MSPMC)last updated: August 2016

The Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center (MSPMC) works closely with NRCS field offices and land managers on a broad range of conservation concerns and issues. Major issues in the Center’s service area include pasture land improvement, cropland erosion control, critical area erosion control, urban conservation, wildlife habitat enhancement, and water quality improvement.

The Center’s service area includes all of Mississippi except the coastal counties, eastern Louisiana, the Blackland Prairie of central Alabama, the delta region of Arkansas, and portions of Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. Corn, soybeans, cotton, rice timber and grazinglands dominate the service area. Continuous cropping of cotton and soybeans using conventional methods is a major concern in the MSPMC service area. The Center has researched and developed technology for native plant herbicide tolerance, Wetland Reserve Program seeding establishment, propagation of wetland plants, and native grass potential for biofuels.

The Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center has released a number of improved conservation plants including those used in wetland mitigation plantings, erosion control on stream banks, riparian buffers, urban conservation, culturally significant plants used in basket making, and wildlife habitat.

Contact The Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center (MSPMC)

Contact The Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center (MSPMC)

Alayna Jacobs
PMC Manager
2533 County Rd. 65
Coffeeville, Mississippi  38922-2652
Phone: 662-675-2588
Fax:  662-675-2369


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee

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