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Retail "green" store selling solar and renewable energy items, items to reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

We aim to help you understand the importance of living a more sustainable lifestyle, and how our products will help you do just that. We are sure you have been bombarded with messages about “climate change”, “global warming” and “carbon footprints”. But what are they, and how do your individual actions affect that?

We would be happy to explain (to the best of our ability) how living more lightly, using less resources, and increasing the energy efficiency of your household makes an impact. It is true that one person’s choice may not have a huge impact, given your neighbor may build an addition that uses more energy than all the savings you realize. But first, it is your energy bill that will be substantially reduced – most people will sit up and take notice when they discover someone doesn’t pay for electricity anymore now that they sell enough to the power company to get their entire energy bill rebated. Secondly, as more people take these energy saving steps, the power companies can postpone or cancel plans for new coal or nuclear powered electricity-producing plants.  As more people get in the habit of thinking how they can reduce their electricity consumption, these decisions have a greater and greater effect.

Choices not involved with power generation can also have a major effect. For example, if you change to using Seventh Generation laundry detergent (which uses vegetable-based solvents) from a detergent that uses petroleum-based solvents, not only are you making a choice to decrease your contact with toxins, you are reducing your energy usage. If every household in America switched to vegetable-based laundry detergents, we would save 298,000 barrels of oil, which is the equivalent to the entire annual energy use for heating and cooling of 17,100 households, which is more than all the families residing in all of Belknap County! If you switched from throwing your laundry into a dryer and instead used the Spin-X Clothes Spinner, which reduces the moisture by 97% in 3 minutes without heating, and then dried them on a drying rack, you would save substantially on your energy costs. If you bought one of our wind-up flashlights, you would never have to change batteries, but would always have light available when you needed it. These are just some of the ways we can help you reduce your environmental impact and your energy bills.

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