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Metcalfe Forestry, LLC is a forest management consultant company based in Grayling, Michigan. We currently employ a staff of three professional forest managers and work with several subcontractors throughout northern Michigan. Metcalfe Forestry is fully insured and we require all logging companies that we work with to be the same. Much of our work involves setting up and selling timber sales, which requires extensive knowledge of forest ecosystems, timber values, and inventory methods. Metcalfe Forestry also does timber inventories, map making, property line location, and timber trespass or theft evaluation. We can provide property owners with management plans to help realize their goals for their property. Metcalfe Forestry also offers trained consulting services in timber taxes. We have worked for private landowners, hunt clubs, non-profit organizations, and have done contract work for the MDNR, Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, logging companies, various forest industries and other consulting foresters since 1998. Our clients range from private landowners with small 10-acre parcels to companies that own thousands of acres. We specialize in working closely with each client to ensure an outcome which is satisfactory to the client and to the ecosystem. 
Metcalfe Forestry Staff
Bryce Metcalfe
, owner, graduate of Michigan Technological University, B.S. in forest management. Cell 989-619-7086
Susan Metcalfe, owner, graduate of University of Texas, B.A. in biology/chemistry, graduate of Michigan Technological University, M.S. in forest management. Timber tax consultant. Cell 989-619-3434
Joe Flaherty, forester, graduate of Michigan State, B.S. in forest management. Cell 989-619-3438
Our timber sale administration procedures for landowners typically proceed as follows:
-  Meet with client and discuss their management goals and objectives.
-  Inventory property and prepare a management plan in accordance with goals and objectives.
-  Preparation work for timber sales, mark & gps sale boundaries, mark trees to cut or leave, determine volume and value of timber being harvested. 
-  Check all work for quality control.
-    Have client review sale preparation work.
-    Put the sale up for bid to as many qualified and reputable applicants as possible.  For some low value timber sales (typically small hardwood pulp timber stand improvement sales) it is not cost effective to bid the sale out.  In these situations we recommend negotiating the sale with a logging company of choice and usually sell the timber on a scale basis. 
-   After the bid is awarded, the down payments and security deposits are collected.  All financial transactions are run through the Metcalfe Forestry escrow account.  All logging contracts have provisions verifying compliance with described standards of performance and insurance requirements.
-   During the initial stages of a timber harvest we visit the job every 1 to 2 days until we are confident that the logger is meeting our expectations.  After that, we will visit the job 1 to 2 times a week.
-   After the harvest and after the logger meets all of the described standards, including post-harvest cleanup operations, then the security deposit is returned.
-   Form T timber tax forms are filled out and given to the client.
The services that Metcalfe Forestry provides for the average client are as follows:
-Map making; topographic, aerial photographic, vegetative types, soil types, trail maps, etc.
-Woods road location and layout
-Identifying and marking the trees to be cut
-All marking paint, orange ribbon, and other supplies
-Calculating the volume, grade, and value of marked trees
-Advertising your timber for sale
-Showing your timber sale to prospective buyers
-Selecting reputable logging contractors
-Identifying important timber sale contract requirements
-Drafting a legally binding timber sale
-Frequent inspections of your timber harvesting operation to ensure contract compliance
-Insuring your timber stumpage payments are received on time and in the proper amount
-Posting accounting reports for all timber sale transactions to ensure you receive the best tax advantage
-Mileage to and from your property
-Workers compensation and liability insurance
- Obtain road access agreements and easements for gaining entry to your property across the lands of others
-All correspondence, phone calls and meetings
-Notifying you when your next timber harvest is possible
-Prepare timber depletion accounts for your property, which can sometimes result in substantial tax savings.
-Prepare Federal Form T to report your capital gain/loss timber income, and substantiate your timber depletion allowance for the IRS.
-Timber appraisals for land purchases, timber trespass cases, timber inventory, and legal disputes.
-Annual post harvest inspections to monitor the condition of your forest. This is important to watch for timber theft and trespass, monitor for insect/disease problems, identify and document storm damage.
-Design and implement wildlife, aesthetic or recreational improvements which will increase your enjoyment and use of the forest. This can include items such as wildlife habitat improvements, scenic view cuttings, trail and bridge construction, and recreational site development.
Susan Metcalfe

Contact Susan Metcalfe

Contact Susan Metcalfe

Metcalfe Forestry, LLC
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Grayling, Michigan  49738
Phone: 989-348-3596
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