St. Croix County Resource Management Departmerntlast updated: July 2016

to promote sustainable land-use management, that protects and enhances the land & water resources of St. Croix County.

Resource Management carries out the county's conservation programs and policies. Resource Management provides educational, technical, and conservation planning assistance to help communities:

  • Protect and improve groundwater quality to supply clean water for drinking and recharging surface waters and wetlands.
  • Protect and enhance surface waters and wetlands to preserve their ecological functions and recreational and scenic values.
  • Protect and restore fish and wildlife habitats for native species, improved water quality, recreational opportunities, and natural beauty.
  • Preserve agricultural land and soils for crop and livestock production, scenic values and wildlife habitat

Contact St. Croix County Resource Management Departmernt

Contact St. Croix County Resource Management Departmernt

Kyle Kulow
Conservation & Land Use Specialist
1960 8th Avenue
Baldwin, Wisconsin  54002-5160
Phone: 715-531-1908


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Saint Croix County, Wisconsin

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