Sherman County Conservation District

Conservation districts are citizen-directed; that is, they address a wide range of concerns particular to the residents of their county. They address a multitude of environmental concerns, such as agricultural and urban erosion and sediment control, water quality and quantity, range and pasture management, fish and wildlife habitat, and other natural resource management issues.

Conservation districts provide information to landowners, schools, and the general public about soil and water conservation issues. Many districts have equipment available to rent that promotes conservation, such as grass drills, tree planters, and no-till seeders. Services and activities vary with each conservation district according to local needs and resources.

In addition to local programs, conservation districts administer the state cost-share programs that provide financial assistance to landowners in the implementation of conservation practices. District employees work closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and cooperate with other federal and state agencies to help protect and conserve natural resources in Kansas.

Contact Sherman County Conservation District

Contact Sherman County Conservation District

Sandra (Sandy) Rodgers
District Manager
210 West 10th
Suite 1
Goodland, Kansas  67735-2836
Phone: 785-899-3070
Fax: (785) 899-2876


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Sherman County, Kansas

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