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Rick Malm is Timbervest LLC's Regional Forester for the Southeast.

The Southeast Region covers the Atlantic Coastal States from Virginia to Florida and the gulf coast state of Alabama.  This part of the South has considerable variation in land forms, which can be divided into three fairly distinct physiographic regions.  The Coastal Plain is a broad band of territory paralleling the seacoast from Virginia to Alabama.  While there are many commercial species of hardwoods in river bottoms, the upland sites are known worldwide for fast growing southern yellow pine species.  The Piedmont Region is a plateau that begins at the fall line, where the coastal rivers narrow, and ends at the Appalachian Mountains.  This area is characterized by rolling hills frequently dissected by streams, where southern yellow pines are in abundance.  The uplands comprise the mountainous regions of the South along the western borders of Virginia, North Carolina, and the northern borders of South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.  Although portions of its topography are steep in nature, this area has many valuable hardwoods.

The majority of Timbervest’s forestland in the Southeast Region is located in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont Regions where southern yellow pine dominate the uplands and a variety of hardwoods inhabit areas along drains and river bottoms.  Timbervest manages the hardwood lands using natural regeneration techniques by relying on natural seeding and shelter wood.  Our pine management strategy is to utilize state of the art silvicultural operations to establish and manage a diverse group of loblolly, slash, and longleaf pine timber stands to increase merchantable yield, while maintaining a healthy forest environment.

In the South, timber is usually sold directly to forest products mills or wood supplier/logging contractors on a bid or pay as cut basis.  Due to the importance of opening up young mid-rotation pine plantations to increase merchantable yield, Timbervest pursues a strategy of timber marking all thinning sales to ensure the highest quality trees are left to grow into mature sawtimber.  Final harvest sales are sold on a bid basis with retained economic interest, and following harvests are reforested with genetically improved pine seedlings.

In the Southeast Region, Timbervest foresters and consultants manage client forestland under the guidelines of the Tree Farm Program, which supports the concept of sustainable management.  Sustainable forestry means managing our forests to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.  It includes practicing a land stewardship ethic which integrates the reforestation, managing, growing, nurturing, and harvesting of trees for useful products with the conservation of soil, air, and water quality, wildlife, and aesthetics.

Contact Rick Malm

Contact Rick Malm

Timbervest, LLC
Regional Forester, Southeast
P.O. Box 17079
Fernandina Beach, Florida  32034
Phone: (678) 427-3148


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