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PowWow Energy, Inc. is a leading innovator in the Agriculture & Food sector. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, our team leverages Big Data to provide simple answers to farmers on the field. By helping them manage risks in their daily operations, we help them save water and energy and we have a positive impact on their farming communities and the environment. Our first SaaS application, the Pump Monitor with smart leak detection™, is a Cleantech Open 2013 winner.

Pump health and leaks
Our software application identifies abnormal pumping events that threaten the good operation of your farm, including falling water table and leaks in your irrigation pipes

Text alerts on the field
Save time by not digging through increasing amounts of data. We give you the answer on the field.

Automated water records
No hardware to install. We turn your smart meter into a water meter with private records.

Sustainability reports
Each quarter get a full report across your farming operation, including energy and water savings.          

Contact Pump Monitor

Contact Pump Monitor

PowWow Energy, Inc.
440 N. Wolfe Road
Sunnyvale, California  94404


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