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The ground work for Buffalo Creek Beef began in 2006. Chas saw that the local food movement was making headway and decided to finish out 10 steers.  Those steers were processed and sold to friends and neighbors. From there, Buffalo Creek Beef was officially formed and started finishing cattle.  Once the cattle were ready to be butchered, they were taken to a butcher and a processing facility in the northern part of the Shenandoah Valley. The business grew from one head per week to three head per week.  The meat was brought back and a farm store was opened on Saturdays and Charlie and Joan would sell meat at local farmer's markets.  The hike 90 miles one way to deliver a live animal and to pick up Buffalo Creek Beef's products started to leave a large economical impact on the business causing the family to look at how to make the business more sustainable.  


Our beef is processed locally at a USDA Inspected facility.  Buffalo Creek Beef prides themselves in having a hands on experience when it comes to processing our own meat.


Not only do we raise kids but we also raise our own crops.  Our cattle are raised on grass until they are roughly 900 lbs at which point we finish them on a balanced diet of corn silage and brewers grain which we get from Devil's Backbone Outpost Brewery in Lexington, VA.


Buffalo Creek Beef's cow/calf herd is angus based and uses Angus and Wagyu bulls to bred to their cows.  We don't use hormones or antibiotics in the production of our cattle. However if we do have an animal that needs treatment we do maintain animal welfare standards to treat that animal and at that time they are eliminated from the Buffalo Creek Beef program.


There is a great tradition of farming in Rockbridge County.  In the "old days", people produced their own food, and bartered or traded for the things they could not grow on their own.  As progress came to the Valley, peddlers delivered locally grown food directly to markets and homes.  Continued "progress" led us to to the supermarket phenomenon and our general expectation that we could buy anything.  We thought little about the miles the food traveled before it got to our table.  Today, thankfully, the new "progress" is moving us back to our roots.  People are learning that growing and buying food produced locally, is far superior and more ecologically wise, than buying food grown thousands of miles away.

Our family has been growing beef for over 100 years.   And we have been eating our own beef and selling halfs and quarters to our friends for many of those years.  With the renewed understanding of the general public that eating food grown within a few miles of your home is the far superior to eating food that has been trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away, we are thrilled to be able to provide high quality, healthy meat direct to your table.  We welcome your visit to the farm.  And we will be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have about how we grow and process our animals.


We feed out only the best of our calves. Our cow herd is Angus Based and we used Angus and Wagyu Bulls to breed our cows.   Our animals are hand fed and cared for in small groups.  This allows us to observe each animal's performance, which ensures that each animal is harvested at the right time.  The calves are raised on grass for the majority of their lives.  No hormones or antibiotics are ever introduced to these high quality cattle. At approximately 900 lbs our calves are put into small groups for roughly 120 days where they live in a large barnyard, with ample room to move around and grass to supplement the finishing feed.  Feeding takes place in a clean barn with a sawdust covered concrete floor.  The cattle are free to move from the barn to the barnyard at will.


Once selected, the cattle are fed a custom mixture of farm grown silage, brewers grain (byproduct of Devil's Backbone Outpost Brewery beer production) and ground corn grown on the farm.  The mixture is fresh and tasty and produces a beef that is subtly marbled and extraordinarily tasty.



A wonderful, well marbled, tasty beef.  Our meat comes from cattle who are hand managed from beginning to end. We see our cattle all the way through from the time they hit the ground as calves until it becomes your ground beef.


Come visit our new retail location in Lexington, VA.  Our new market features the same great beef, lamb, and pork that we have always had, but we now offer prepared meals and other goods to compliment your cooking needs.

Located at: 

139 E. Midland Trail, Lexington, VA  24450

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139 Midland Trail
Lexington, Virginia  24450
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