Phillip Glasscolast updated: June 2012
Phillip brought a dozen years of forest management skills when he joined RMS in 1989. Now, he supervises Resource Management Services for Forest Systems, with emphasis on developing and managing Resource Planning applications and related geo-spatial databases. In addition to directing harvest scheduling and managing GIS data, Phillip works with Resource Planning staff to integrate spatial cruise and numeric cruise data. Concerned with growth and yield systems, he works closely with RMS biometric experts to merge developing technology into user applications. He represents Resource Planning on the RMS Project Management Team. Honored with the E.A. Haus Scholarship, Phillip earned his B.S. degree in Forestry Management from Auburn University.  He is a Registered Forester in both Alabama, and Arkansas

Contact Phillip Glassco

Contact Phillip Glassco

Resource Management Service, Inc.
Manager, Forest Systems
31 Inverness Center Parkway
Suite 360
Birmingham, Alabama  35242
Phone: (800) 995-9516
Fax: Fax: (205) 991-2807


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