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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (Partners Program) provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners to restore or enhance fish and wildlife habitats for the benefit of Federal Trust Species (e.g. migratory birds, threatened, endangered, and other declining species).

Texas is approximately 97 percent privately owned, leading to the tremendous potential for private lands habitat conservation work. Because there is an incredible variation in the many ecosystems and/or vegetational communities found in the State, Texas supports one of the most diverse plant and animal populations in the United States. General ecosystems include the coastal ecosystems areas along the Gulf Coast, the piney woods of east Texas, the rolling plains of the Panhandle, the cross timbers and prairies of north central Texas, the hill country of central Texas, the brush country of south Texas, and the arid and mountainous areas of southwest Texas. Each of these areas offer their own unique challenges in trying to accomplish habitat restoration.

There are several national wildlife refuges scattered across the State with the majority located along the Texas Coast. A goal of the Partners Program in Texas is to restore wildlife habitat near refuges or other permanently protected areas.  The Partners Program in Texas initially targeted wetland habitat for restoration and enhancement work. However, because of landowner interest, the program’s objectives were expanded to include projects that would benefit habitats for all Federal trust resources, including migratory birds and candidate, threatened, or endangered species.

Texas Restoration Activities

  • Native prairie
  • Habitat for imperiled species
  • In-stream habitat
  • Longleaf pine
  • South Texas Brush
  • Other Declining Habitats

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Mission Statement:  To efficiently achieve voluntary habitat restoration on private lands, through financial and technical assistance, for the benefit of Federal Trust Species.

The cornerstone of the Partners Program is partnerships, not only with private landowners, but with non-Federal agencies, conservation organizations, schools and other entities with an interest in wildlife. These partnerships have resulted in significant restoration accomplishments on private lands, benefiting Federal Trust Species and resident wildlife species. The program emphasizes conservation practices directed at restoring habitats which include, but are not limited to, wetlands, riparian areas, bottomland hardwoods, upland forests, native grasslands, savannahs and brushlands.

The Partners Program works closely with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Forest Service, other government agencies, and private organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, The Nature Conservancy, and Environmental Defense.


  • The landowner contacts the appropriate U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service field office.
  • A Partners Program biologist will visit with the landowner to determine if a project is feasible.
  • If feasible, a project plan is developed, often with input from other conservation partners.
  • A Private Lands Agreement, which contains both the landowner’s and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service objectives, is provided to the landowner for review and signature.
  • Projects are then reviewed, ranked, and selected based on merit and available funding.
  • If selected, the project will be submitted to the Regional Office for processing and final approval.
  • Upon approval, the landowner receives a copy of the signed agreement. At that time, project construction may begin.

Partners Program Points of Contact Information in PDF format (543KB)
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Contact Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Texas

Contact Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Texas

Don Wilhelm
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2005 Northeast Green Oaks Boulevard
Suite 140
Arlington, Texas  76006
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