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The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's habitat restoration cost-sharing program for private landowners. The program was established to provide technical and financial assistance to conservation minded farmers, ranchers and other private (nonfederal and nonstate) landowners who wish to restore fish and wildlife habitat on their land.

The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program emphasizes the restoration of historic ecological communities for the benefit of native fish and wildlife in conjunction with the desires of private landowners. The goals of the program are to:

  • Implement proactive, voluntary, on-the-ground habitat restoration projects that benefit federal trust species and their habitats on private and tribal lands.
  • Provide technical and financial assistance to landowners who are interested in providing suitable habitat for fish and wildlife on their property.
  • Provide leadership and promote partnerships using the Service's and other organizations' expertise.
  • Conduct public outreach to broaden understanding of fish and wildlife habitats while encouraging and demonstrating conservation efforts.
Locally-based field biologists work one-on-one with private landowners and other partners to plan, implement, and monitor their projects. Partners Program field staff help landowners find other sources of funding and help them through the permitting process, as necessary. This level of personal attention and follow-through is a significant strength of the Program that has led to national recognition and wide support.

Project Criteria
Your project must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for assistance from the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program:

  • Your project must restore or enhance habitat. Your project must benefit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trust species, such as migratory birds, anadromous fish, or threatened and endangered species.
  • Your project must be located on nonfederal and non-state land.
  • Your project should reestablish natural historical communities with little maintenance.
  • There should be a reasonable expectation of success in achieving project objectives.
  • You and/or other partners must provide a viable match for the project. You can contribute cash or may provide an in-kind contribution such as labor, use of equipment, or materials.

Partners for Fish and Wildlife projects are not eligible to be used as compensatory mitigation for purposes of meeting state and federal regulatory program requirements.

Contact Partners For Fish and Wildlife Program Pacific SW Region

Contact Partners For Fish and Wildlife Program Pacific SW Region

Klamath Basin Coordinator
205 Riverside Drive
Suite D
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Phone: (541) 887-8081
Cell Phone: (916) 335-8618
Fax: (541) 887-8082


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