Organic Farming Research Foundation

At OFRF, we build the vital infrastructure that supports the success of organic farmers. Our four areas of focus are: POLICY, where we grow champions in Congress and federal agencies; EDUCATION, where we work to integrate organic farming programs into all agricultural universities; GRANTMAKING that expands the adoption of organic farming and practices while addressing urgent issues faced by many organic farmers in America; and building COMMUNITY to cultivate a broader and deeper connection among organic supporters.  Please join us.

OFRF Vision:

Organic farming is the leading form of agriculture, leading to healthy and resilient people, ecosystems and economies.

OFRF Mission:

To foster the widespread adoption and improvement of organic farming systems.

Contact Organic Farming Research Foundation

Contact Organic Farming Research Foundation

Brise Tencer
Executive Director
303 Potrero Street
Suite 29-203
Santa Cruz, California  95060
Phone: 831-426-6606
Fax: 831-426-6670


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