New Hampshire Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
In 1987, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began a voluntary partnership program with landowners interested in restoring wetlands and other important fish and wildlife habitats on their own lands. The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provides financial and technical assistance to private landowners through voluntary cooperative agreements.

Since 1990, the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in New Hampshire has worked with landowners, State agencies, many organizations and individuals to restore fish and wildlife habitat such as coastal wetlands, riparian habitats, grasslands and endangered species habitats. A recent multi-agency effort to remove unnecessary dams has given the program an additional opportunity to partner with others to restore instream anadromous fish habitat.

The Partners Program has partnered with The Nature Conservancy since 1995 to restore habitat for the federally endangered Karner Blue butterfly at the Concord pine barrens. Other efforts have focused on combatting invasive plant species on several Connecticut River islands that are home to rare plants such as the federally endangered Jesup’s milkvetch. Restoring habitat for plants is accomplished by activities such as hand cutting, clearing, and digging out the invasive, non-native plants.

In partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Rockingham County Conservation District, the Partners Program has helped to restore saltmarsh that has been adversely affected by restricted tidal flow, grid ditching for mosquito control and invasion by nuisance plant species. By fencing livestock from streams and wetlands and planting vegetative buffer areas along the banks, the Partners Program has helped to restore important streambank areas, known as riparian habitats, and improve water quality in the Connecticut River drainage and elsewhere in New Hampshire. Riparian areas provide habitat for migratory birds and filter pollutants before the pollutants enter streams and rivers.

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Contact New Hampshire Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

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