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Making Things Happen For Rural America Is What We Do
The NARC&DC coordinates the efforts of hundreds of RC&D Councils, and thousands of volunteers, as they create successful delivery systems that benefit local communities.
The Work
Local Resource Conservation and Development Councils are unique non-profit organizations made up of  volunteers who identify unmet needs in their communities and create solutions that work. The folks who make up an RC&D council are neighbors. They know how to blend government programs with local needs to produce results. In essence, they know how to speak the government’s language, and yours.
The Four Focus Areas
  • Land Conservation - RC&D Councils work with local partners to identify, fund and complete land conservation projects of all types.
  • Water Management - RC&D Water Management Projects often create recreation opportunities that also create jobs and make communities more attractive to development.
  • Community Development - The NARC&DC provides training, coordination and communication services that help Councils in their community development projects. Assistance is provided to councils as they seek to strengthen their organization's non-profit operations.
  • Land Management - The NARC&DC works with funding partners to make sure worthy projects find the financial assets they need to be successful. National staff continually updates councils on new opportunities for funding.
Ready To Help
Additionally, the focus on local control gives the program great flexibility and value. The NARC&DC knows that local  solutions can most effectively target local needs. National board members and staff are there to assist local councils, not dictate their actions. They find ways to help by providing technical expertise, identifying potential funding sources and by bringing the power of the collective whole to the table.  
Finally, the high level of volunteer commitment and credibility in the RC&D community has made the program one of the most successful development delivery systems in the Nation.

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