Myakka Conservancy

The Myakka Conservancy, inc. is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the Myakka River basin's scenic resources, agricultural heritage, and diverse natural ecosystems. Founded in 1991, the Myakka Conservancy believes that enlightened land planning, responsible management, and the voluntary purchase of land titles, conservation easements and other legal rights are necessary to secure the perpetual protection and stewardship of the Myakka ecosystem.

The Myakka Conservancy is directed by a board of directors representative of the agricutural, urban, business, and enviromental concerns in the basin. The Myakka Conservancy believed that the public's interest in protecting the Myakka River basin can be furthered without infringing upon the private property rights of the landowners whose wise stewardship makes this opportunity available.

Rapidly growing urban centers increase development pressures, while estate tax laws necessitate the conversion of land to more intensive uses.

The Myakka Conservancy works to protect agricultural and natural resources from urban intrusion without increasing government regulation. The Myakka Conservancy promotes options for landowners who care about their land.

Contact Myakka Conservancy

Contact Myakka Conservancy

PO Box 1355
Sarasota, Florida  34230-1355
Phone: (941) 954-5920
Fax: (941) 923-2542


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