Migratory Bird Program

The Migratory Bird Program works with partners to protect, restore and conserve bird populations and their habitats for the benefit of future generations by:

  • ensuring long-term ecological sustainability of all migratory bird populations,
  • increasing socioeconomic benefits derived from birds,
  • improving hunting and birdwatching and other outdoor bird-related experiences, and
  • increasing awareness of the value of migratory birds and their habitats for their aesthetic, ecological, recreational and economic significance.

Among our major roles in bird management and habitat conservation, we conduct surveys; coordinate with public-private bird conservation partnerships; provide matching grants for partner-based conservation efforts; administer conservation laws and develop policies and regulations; and issue permits that allow individuals and organizations to participate in migratory bird conservation in a variety of ways.

We also help educate and engage our nation's youth in wildlife conservation topics and provide resources for parents and educators who want to help their students explore and appreciate our natural world and our feathered friends.

There are many ways that you can be involved in bird conservation! Buy a Federal Duck Stamp or Junior Duck Stamp, participate in a community citizen science project, mentor a child interested in learning to hunt, or simply grab your binoculars and step outside to watch birds in your backyard or at a park or national wildlife refuge.

Contact Migratory Bird Program

Contact Migratory Bird Program

Brad Bortner, Division Chief
Division of Migratory Bird Management
5275 Leesburg Pike, MS: MB
Falls Church, Virginia  22041
Phone: 703-358-1714
Fax: 703-358-2272


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