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Mike has a degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.  He began working in the timber business in 1969 as a procurement forester for a local timber company based in Crosby, Mississippi.  In 1972, Mike went to work for another timber company in Centreville, Mississippi.  In each of these cases his duties were to assist land owners in the management of their timberlands, as well as buy pulpwood and sawtimber to be sold to Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, and various hardwood sawmills in the area. 
In 1986 Mike established Timberland Management Services, Inc. in conjunction with Wayne Hagan, who has since moved on to establish his own business. 
Throughout his career Mike has developed a solid background in all facets of forest management.  These range from selectively marking trees to improve the growth of the residual stems, to site preparation, control burning, and tree planting
Mike has attended many seminars and short courses over the last thirty years that have added to his practical, working experience in timber management.  Due to the proximity of his business to areas that are best suited for hardwood sawtimber management, Mike has concentrated a majority of his time and learning experience in the correct management strategies for hardwood sawtimber.  
Mike is a workaholic!  He believes that every parcel of land should be managed to maximize the returns of the land, whether those returns are in timber production, recreation, wildlife or other endeavors.  Passive is not Mike's nature.

Contact Michael Daughdrill

Contact Michael Daughdrill

Timberland Management Services, Inc.
Owner and Manager
P. O. Box 819
Centreville, Mississippi  39631
Phone: 601-645-6440
Fax: 601-645-6328


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