Maryland Landowner Incentive Program

The Landowner Incentive Program provides private landowners with technical advice and cost-share assistance to help conserve species at risk in Maryland. The ultimate goal is to protect, enhance, and restore habitat for rare, threatened, and endangered species.

The Landowner Incentive Program is voluntary and non-regulatory for private landowners to conserve habitat for species at risk. Properties that contain or provide habitat for species- at-risk may be eligible for funding. It is a competitive grant program in which costs are reimbursed at up to 75%. The remaining 25% cost share can be in the form of in-kind services and/or funding from partner agencies. Funding is based on the scope and duration of each individual project and there is no cap
to the maximum amount of funding that can be received by an individual applicant.
Eligible habitat conservation practices include:
 Reforestation
 Establishing grassland or forest buffers
 Invasive species control
 Vegetation management
 Livestock exclusion & fencing
 Restoring wetland hydrology

Projects can be designed to incorporate various types of management techniques to best suit the landowners needs and the wildlife present.

Maryland DNR will evaluate applications as they are submitted. All habitat projects must involve a minimum 5year commitment by the landowner. If an application is accepted, DNR biologists will conduct a site visit and assist in the development of a project plan. Project costs must include a minimum 25% match by the landowner, either cash or inkind (e.g., use of equipment, volunteers).

Upon project completion, DNR will reimburse the landowner for up to 75% of project costs. There is no cap to the maximum amount of funding that can be received by an individual applicant. Funding will be based on the scope and duration of each individual project.


The Maryland LIP will fund projects statewide. Priority areas include Maryland’s Ecologically Significant Areas, which are geographic areas that incorporate buffered locations of state records of endangered, threatened, and sensitive species and ecologically diverse habitats. Areas of potential habitat are also incorporated into our evaluation system with the Maryland Green Infrastructure Assessment (GIA) Model. By awarding points to projects that fall within our LIP Target Areas, the GIA Model, and our target habitats we will prioritize areas that are the most critical habitat for the state’s species-at-risk.

Program Goals

  1. Enhance, protect, or restore habitats that benefit endangered, threatened, proposed, candidate or other at-risk species.

  2. Support on the ground conservation efforts to conserve biologically diverse areas.

  3. Provide technical and financial assistance to landowners to better manage lands for wildlife.

  4. Demonstrate the importance of habitat conservation.


We are currently accepting applications for the next round of funding!
Applications are accepted on a continual basis and reviewed quarterly. LIP Biologist will process application as they are received and landowners will receive updates on the status of their application as they are available. Grant decisions will be made within 12 weeks of when the application is received.

August 2006: The Landowner Incentive Program Awarded Additional $945,000 in Federal Funding
Maryland was awarded an additional $180,000 for outreach, education, and administrative costs and $765,000 for on the grounds conservation projects.  This is the largest Federal award the program has received to date!

August 2005: The Landowner Incentive Program Awarded $905,000 in Federal Funding
Maryland was awarded $180,000 in tier 1 funding for outreach, education, and administrative costs and $725,000 in Tier 2 funding for on the ground conservation projects in the coming year. Of the 38 states that were awarded LIP funding, Maryland received the 2nd largest grant award this year.

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Contact Maryland Landowner Incentive Program

Contact Maryland Landowner Incentive Program

Linh Phu, LIP Biologist
Landowner Incentive Program
580 Taylor Ave, E-1
Annapolis, Maryland  21401
Phone: 410-260-8554


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Statewide Program in:
  • Maryland

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